9Ft Double Top Side Pole Patio Garden Umbrella with 60 L Water Base for Garden Cafeteria Restaurant


  • Double Top 9 FT | 2.7 M Side Pole Premium Umbrella
  • Base: 60L Water Tank Base in which you can put water or sand for the weight.
  • Frame Material: MS Powder Coated which makes it rust proof and weather proof.
  • Fabric: Quality 100% Waterproof Fabric
  • Uses: Garden, Terrace, Balcony, Restaurant Sitting area for Outdoor.
  • Packages: Umbrella is delivered in 2 packages. Package 1: Completer Umbrella, Package 2: Water Base.
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A patio umbrella is a versatile piece of outdoor décor that can add grandeur to the look of the place. Apart from being sunshade for hot days and an umbrella for rainy days, garden patio umbrella, combined with outdoor furniture, can make the place buzz with activities! So, if you are planning to organize teatime chat with your loved ones, install a garden umbrella at your backyard!

Patio Umbrella to Revive your Garden Décor!!!

  • The huge size with 9 feet diameter gives enough sunshade, making the place cooler.
  • The tilting function helps you adjust the umbrella according to the pattern of shade landing on the area.
  • Provides enough clearance so that your taller friends don’t have to stoop down while sitting.
  • Has side pole with adjustable height options.
  • The base is provided with option to fill water or sand, to provide more stability to the patio umbrella during extreme windy conditions.
  • Bolt your umbrella to the included cross base, to secure it in place.
  • The tough base keeps the umbrella steady, so that it does not flip-flop and fly away in the wind.
  • You can fold the umbrella and store it away safely for later use.


Additional information

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 155 × 30 × 20 cm

Coffee Brown


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